Charles B. Hutchison, Ph.D.

c-hutchinson Charles B. Hutchison, Ph.D.
 Associate Professor of Education                                                                           The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Dr. Charles B. Hutchison is an associate professor of education at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte. With postgraduate training in molecular genetics and theology, he is one of the seminal researchers in international K-12 cross-cultural education and was a classroom teacher for 12 years. Dr. Hutchison specializes in teaching courses on adolescent learners, diverse learners, diversity and inclusion, adolescence and secondary schools, cross-cultural cognition, urban education, international education, and advanced science education. 

Dr, Hutchison is the author of Things You Just Have to Know About Yourself and Others: Humanology (Kindle Edition), previously published as Tell Me Why I Am Who I Am: Answering Questions that Never Die (Harrisburg Printing, 2010); Understanding Diverse Learners: Theory and Practice (Copley, 2011);  What Happens When Students Are in the Minority: Behaviors that Impact Learning (ed., Rowman and Littlefield, 2009);  Global Issues in Education: Pedagogy, Policy, and the Minority Experience (co-edited with Greg Wiggan, Rowman and Littlefield, 2009); and Teaching in America: A Cross-Cultural Guide for International Teachers and Their Employers (Springer, 2005).

While at Georgia State University pursuing his doctoral degree, Dr. Hutchison served as clinical assistant professor of science education/acting coordinator of the Teacher Education in English, ESOL, Mathematics, Middle Level Education, Social Studies and Science (TEEMS) Science Education Graduate Program. He has also served as a resource/research specialist in developmental and molecular biology at Georgetown University and attended the Hungarian Academy of Science where he studied immunological genetics.

Dr. Hutchison’s research on international teachers was one of the seminal works that systematically conceptualized international teachers’ issues, an area that is being studied internationally. He is the recipient of recognition and the Key to the City of Boston and has served on a National Science Foundation panel. He has appeared on, or been featured by local and international news media, including CBS NightWatch, Voice of America, The Boston Globe, and The Washington Post, among others. And, his articles have appeared in several noteworthy journals, including Phi Delta Kappan, Intercultural Education, Cultural Studies of Science Education, and School Science and Mathematics.

Dr. Hutchison has lived, studied and worked in Africa, Europe and the U.S.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast, Ghana; a Master of Arts degree in ministry/theology from Oklahoma Christian University; and a Ph.D. in science education from Georgia State University.