Choose2Thrive Program



Choose2Thrive’s unique learning experiences focus on the following tenets of successful business practice, entrepreneurism, and community advocacy:

  • an awareness of self-empowerment through education and practical applications
  • the power of competence, persistence, and professionalism
  • the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurship
  • the value of acquiring mentors and sponsors
  • the principles of diversity and inclusion
  • the interconnectedness of business and community
  • the significance of cultivating business and community relationships
  • the role of corporate citizenship and social responsibility
  • the importance of sound ethical decisions in business and community relations . . . and more

The integration of Choose2Thrive’s live tours and online video coverage affords tour participants and others the opportunity to advance their knowledge of business, entrepreneurship, and community advocacy ‘best practices’ through these vital teachings for years to come.


Choose2Thrive’s impressive roster of ‘industry experts’ of diverse backgrounds comprise a well-rounded group of high-level executives who offer invaluable perspectives and priceless insights. These experts connect to audiences through a genuine willingness to share their personal experiences through concrete examples of how hard work, leadership, entrepreneurship, community engagement, and social responsibility directed them toward ‘success’ – a term not solely defined by the accumulation of wealth, but one which also includes the achievement of career and personal goals while maintaining a strong commitment to family and community.