D2C Team

M. Quentin B.L. Williams, Esq.

Founder & CEO

Quentin Williams

Quentin Williams is an attorney, prolific international speaker and master storyteller, former FBI agent and former federal prosecutor who has held positions as an executive with the National Football League (NFL) and National Basketball Association (NBA). Williams currently serves as an industry adviser, business strategist, crisis management consultant and legal expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience in wide-ranging areas of business,including the sports and entertainment industries. With more than 30 years of established business expertise and over 25 years of legal experience, he is a trusted confidant and experienced educator with a lengthy record of successful deal-making and community advocacy. An in-demand keynote speaker and instructor at the FBI National Academy (FBINA), he has addressed business, political, education and community leaders at conferences, symposia and other events worldwide, including acclaimed lectures at Harvard University, the FBI Academy, AXA Corporate, the United States Department of Justice’s U.S. Attorney’s Office (District of Connecticut), National Reconnaissance Office and Driver Education‘s national association.

This impressive pedigree serves Williams well as chairman and chief executive officer of The Butler Lappert Williams Firm, PC (BLW Firm) – a full-service New York City law firm. The BLW Firm represents the legal and business interests of companies and individuals across a broad spectrum of industries including sports, entertainment, fashion, media, technology, medical, legal, financial, law enforcement and education. Williams is also chairman and chief executive officer of Williams Media and Marketing Group, LLC (Williams Media), a Los Angeles-based company.

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Laura Schultz Holden

Vice President, Operations & Administration 

Laura Holden

Laura Schultz Holden maintains impeccable credentials as the key administrator responsible for the overall supervision of D2C’s operations and administration as well as D2C’s newest programmatic initiative, Choose2Live. Since 2009, Laura also has served as director of operations for D2C’s affiliate organizations, which include The Butler Lappert Williams Firm, PC and Williams Media and Marketing Group, LLC. She is also director of national operations for the EndZone Luncheon Series.

A former colleague of D2C’s founder and chairman, M. Quentin Williams, at the National Football League, Laura has worked for numerous international companies in the sports and entertainment industries. In her capacity at organizations such as the CoreStates Spectrum/Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia Eagles, and the National Football League, she lists among her favorite projects and greatest accomplishments her involvement with the construction of a new sports arena, development of a new team logo and uniform, second-unit filming of the major motion picture, Jerry Maguire, and the planning and implementation of security protocols for five NFL Super Bowls.

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For information about The Butler Lappert Williams Firm, PC, visit www.blwfirm.com.