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The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

April 10, 2015

“Empowering Dreams: Realizing the Future”

fix_0823-6686 (2) (640x427)Dedication to Community partnered with The University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Central Piedmont Community College, Friday, April 10, 2015,  to host its first-ever full-day symposium, “Empowering Dreams: Realizing the Future.” Fifteen dynamic D2C industry experts presented to an audience of students, faculty, administrators and community members in McKnight Auditorium at the Cone University Center.

The highly successful event included presentations honoring current NFL player and Walter Payton Man of the Year (2015) Thomas Davis, and retired NASA astronaut Joan Higginbotham. Davis was honored with D2C’s Doing GOOD & Doing WELL Award and Higginbotham was the recipient of the organization’s Leadership & Inspiration Award during two emotional award presentation ceremonies.

Davis, a native of Shellman, Georgia, played college football for the University of Georgia and was recognized as a consensus All-American. A first-round pick of the Carolina Panthers in the 2005 NFL Draft, he is both well known and highly regarded in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area for his philanthropic and community service efforts. Higginbotham, a native of Chicago who attended the same high school as First Lady Michelle Obama (Whitney M. Young Magnet High School), is the third African-American woman to travel into space. Her leadership as a “female astronaut of color” has done much to inspire gender and racial equality in the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Thomas Davis
Thomas Davis, Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year (2015); Outside Linebacker, Carolina Panthers; recipient of D2C’s Doing GOOD & Doing WELL Award

Joan Higginbotham
Joan Higginbotham, Retired NASA Astronaut; recipient of D2C’s Leadership & Inspiration Award


M. Quentin Williams, Esq. –   Founder & Chairman, D2C Tour; Chairman & CEO, The Butler Lappert Williams Firm, PC and Williams Media and Marketing Group, LLC


 VIP Dinner:

 Click here to view video highlights of the D2C Tour VIP Dinner at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


Click here for radio and television interviews about the D2C event at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


“This was an amazing event! The D2C program encourages and empowers our precious youth. It is facilitated by panels of really talented and intelligent people who address the challenges of students emerging into their careers from a place of love.”

~ Jeff Cravotta, Jeff Cravotta Photography, UNC Charlotte Participant



View event photo gallery below. View event videos at D2C’s online video gallery.

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Senator (SC) Marlon Kimpson, Arthur Wylie, M. Quentin Williams, Octavius ‘Ted’ Reid III, Tamara Williams, Manny Ohonme, Kristal High Taylor, Dave Alpern and Scott Steele


April 10, 2015
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McKnight Hall, Cone University Center, UNC
9201 University City Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28223 United States
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