Ed Fantegrossi

Ed FantegrossiEd Fantegrossi
CEO, GEOgraphic Network Affiliates International
Chair and CEO, EDCO/TellAlf

Ed Fantegrossi has been a real estate developer since 1976. He has developed residential, office, retail, medical and innovative real estate solutions for businesses and complex multi-use developments, and has brought these business experiences into the telecom market with the founding of Voyager Networks.

Fantegrossi is also the founder of Developers Network (DevNet) and is credited with devising a campaign of large block telecom property leasing to serve competitive local exchange carrier migration (CLEC) into the newly deregulated Regional Bell Operating Company marketplace (RBOC). In 1997, DevNet was sold and acquired by a large CLEC.

He is chair and chief executive officer of EDCO/TellAlf, an international telecom switching company in partnership with an Asian-Pacific multinational telecom. Additionally, he serves as the principal partner of Axcess Technology Group, a company designed to provide collocation and telecom services to the newly-emerging former telecom monopolies as they deregulate, privatize and seek to enter the U.S. marketplace.

Fantegrossi is also founder and chief executive officer of GEOgraphic Network Affiliates International (GEO), a real estate development company that constructs, operates and owns full-service technology facilities internationally.