Patrick Thomas, M.D.

Patrick Thomas, MDDr. Patrick Thomas is a pediatric surgeon in Fort Worth, Texas. He received his undergraduate degree in political science and with a minor in African American studies from Duke University, and in 1998, earned his medical degree from Medical University of South Carolina.

Dr. Thomas’ motivation to become a doctor was influenced by his brother Paul’s traumatic accident as a child—he was handicapped at 2 years of age and suffered from cerebral palsy. During one of Paul’s hospital visits, Patrick noticed other children suffering from different aliments. He wondered why they had to suffer and wanted to help fix their limbs so they could play again. At ten years old, he told his mother that he wanted to be a doctor. She replied, “You will be an excellent doctor”. His father told him that he could be anything that he wanted to be. So, in high school, Patrick participated in various school programs dedicated to exposing students to a career in the health professions.

After his second year of medical school, Dr. Thomas received the American Heart Association Medical Student Research Fellowship. After completing his research term, he finished two more years of medical school and extended his training to 5 years. During his surgical residency, Dr. Thomas entered the pediatric surgery lab—creating protein toxins to target pediatric solid tumors. After a total of seven years, he completed his general surgery training (2005) and moved to Houston for additional training in Pediatric Surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Thomas served on the medical school admission committee at the Medical University of South Carolina for several years during his general surgery training—reviewing admission packets provided him an invaluable opportunity to evaluate the talented candidates in their first steps to making their dreams to become a physician come true. Dr. Thomas has also served as a mentor and board director member for the downtown branch of the Boys and Girls club in Charleston, South Carolina.

Dr. Thomas regularly lectures future high school/college students, medical students, and residents in pediatric/family practice. He provides surgical residents with practical wisdom and teaches them the rules of the road in treating pediatric surgery patients. He challenges them every moment to think critically, develop a patient treatment plan, and perform surgical procedures with efficiency and precision.