Testimonials – D2C Founder, M. Quentin Williams

chiu“Quentin Williams is a master storyteller. Perhaps even more important, he has a keen sense of his audience and somehow always manages to say the right thing, whether it be to challenge the audience, or to agree with them…. Our students, alums and faculty raved about Quentin and cannot wait to have him come back!”

 ~Elaine Chiu, J.D., Professor of Law and Director
The Ronald H. Brown Center for Civil Rights and Economic Development
St. John’s University School of Law

360a06d (1)“Quentin Williams attended our annual fundraising event in 2013.  He was so touched and inspired by the work of Health Guidance that when we approached him about being our keynote speaker for our annual event this year, he enthusiastically accepted our invitation.Quentin has a warm and engaging personality and he shares a heartfelt story of his journey from childhood through his current career. Quentin openly shares the struggles, fears, anxieties and uncertainties he endured throughout his early years, but quickly shares the hopes, dreams and pursuits he held onto and his gratitude for all of the amazing mentors he was blessed to have in his life in some of the most critical times.His remarks were perfect for our event because of the work we do in helping families navigate the really challenging waters of a cancer diagnosis while bringing hope, optimism and practical assistance to each family in order for them to remain on their treatment course, but also to live and live well during and after the treatment process.  Quentin easily wove the threads in his life together with the work of our organization and the common themes that help everyone succeed, regardless of their circumstances.Needless to say, there was not a dry eye in the audience.  The spirit in the room was palpable and the incredible connections and reconnections that occurred during the event were special and will be long lasting.  And to top it all off, it was the largest fundraising event we have had to date in terms of dollars raised and attendance.

The Health Guidance Board of Directors, ambassadors, staff and volunteers are so grateful to Quentin Williams for his extraordinary kindness to our organization and for his efforts in helping us continue to raise funds to carry out our mission while helping raise awareness about the vitally important work of our organization.

We look forward to a longstanding relationship with Quentin Williams as, together, we will continue to impact communities where we live and serve.”

~ Myra Johnston, MSSW, LCSW, ACSW, Founder
Health Guidance

71“Who speaks to the instincts speaks to the deepest in mankind, and finds the readiest response.”

~ Amos Bronson Alcott

“The above-mentioned quote captures why I believe that M. Quentin Williams is a superb communicator and speaker!  And there is so much more to say about the depth and breadth of this truly gifted and talented man. Oratorical prowess is more than delivering a good speech; it’s about sharing bits of one’s life and, thereby, stirring the souls of one’s audience.  Quentin’s professionalism, compassion and sensitivity set him apart from most good speakers.  He is grateful for his accomplishments and he creates opportunities to give back.  Quentin gives his audiences everything he’s got!

Mr. Williams is a disciplined and visionary business leader.  He is, at once, dynamic and understated – confident, yet, humble; focused, yet funny!  His erect bearing, impeccable character, keen intellect, wit, intensity, honesty, integrity, generosity of spirit, and most of all – his authenticity – are also the characteristics of a charismatic and likable individual.  Quentin is a force in sports and entertainment law!  His résumé courts envy, however, the man is heroic.  From the teeth of tough times in his personal life, Quentin’s phenomenal accomplishments are awe-inspiring.  He rips open the scab of his personal experiences to move his audience to dream bigger dreams.

Approximately six years ago, I was in search of a graduate of the law school who is also a compelling speaker to deliver the keynote address for the most significant recruiting event of the year.  My job is to recruit and enroll the best and brightest students to the law school.  I read countless résumés and I was immediately struck by Quentin’s.  I inquired within the law school community about Quentin and everyone whom he knew spoke fondly about him.  I had finally identified a speaker, now I had to convince him to accept my invitation.

Quentin delivered a gripping, impassioned keynote address, an oration whose eloquent content soared above all others.  The speech was met with overwhelming positive feedback–from the deans, faculty, and current students, as well as from prospective students.   Quentin’s address was instrumental in encouraging an overwhelming number of admitted students in attendance to enroll.

Quentin is not only the most sought after speaker at the law school, but he also works closely with members of the faculty and deans to assist in developing programming for our International and Comparative Sports Law Program, as well as for other programs.  Late last year, Quentin created and moderated a panel entitled, “Empowering Your Entrepreneurial Spirit.”   The panelists are giants in their respective fields.

What distinguishes Quentin as a man and communicator is that he is both impressive and grounded. He engages his audience because they can relate to him.  He is authentic and is willing to tell his story, and in so doing – he possesses the power to persuade people to do the impossible.

M. Quentin Butler Lappert Williams is an exceptional speaker and communicator!  I enthusiastically recommend him for any professional public speaking engagements.”

~ Dorothy P. Moran, Associate Director of Admissions
St. John’s University School of Law