downloadThe integration of Dedication to Community live tours and our online video library affords D2C Tour participants and others the opportunity to advance their knowledge of the ‘best practices’ of our industry experts beyond the stops on the D2C Tour. We invite you to capitalize on the experience and wisdom of our outstanding complement of community advocates through these vital teachings for years to come.



Presenting the D2C Highlight Reels featuring highlights from both Choose2Thrive events as well as Choose2Live events . . . an excellent introduction to your D2C video journey!

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Empowering Dreams: Realizing the Future”
The University of North Carolina at
Charlotte – April 10, 2015
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Be Critical, Persistent, and Transforming”
University of Maryland,  College Park
– October 8, 2014
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Not Just Business as Usual”
Springfield Technical Community College
– April 3, 2013
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Empowering Your Entrepreneurial Spirit
St. John’s University – October 22, 2012
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Harnessing the Entrepreneurial Spirit: Pathway to Empowerment”
Seton Hall University
– April 18, 2012
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