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D2C Moderator M. Quentin Williams with VIP GuestsThe positive feedback shared by Dedication to Community’s tour participants, panelists and sponsors serves as a testament to the high quality and effectiveness of the organization’s community advocacy initiatives.

Likewise, these comments are also a critical component in helping the D2C team strengthen and enhance our programs and events to better address the needs and interests of tour participants, attendees, and the communities they represent.

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“It was so much more than I expected. I left there feeling inspired and learned a lot about different organizations throughout North Carolina…I could have easily spent another day listening and interacting with everyone. With all the negativity in the news and social media around race, police, religion, politics, etc., it was uplifting to see that there are people in this world who are making a difference. They are moving forward, making a difference, inspiring, and giving of their time and talents. I left there wanting and hopeful that I can do more and make a difference as well.

                                                                                                                             ~Shannon Teal,  UNC Charlotte Parent & Participant                                                                                                                 

  “This was an amazing event! The D2C program encourages and empowers our precious youth. It is facilitated by panels of really talented and intelligent people who address the challenges of students emerging into their careers from a place of love.”

~ Jeff Cravotta, Jeff Cravotta Photography, UNC Charlotte Participant

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“I found the session more humbling and insightful than I ever could have anticipated and am thankful I was fortunate enough to attend.”

~ Kevin Rudd, Finance Student, University of Maryland, Class of 2016

“Many thanks to Mr. Williams and the speakers at last night’s presentation at the Smith Business School. I am a parent of a high school senior and was amazed at how this event clicked with my daughter and fueled her passion to succeed in business. She was so impressed by Dr. Brooks, Mr. Fantegrossi, Mr. Simeon, Mr. Reid, and all of their accomplishments. So hoping that she is admitted to UM and the Smith School of Business so that she can get a great foundation for success (LOVED that you talked about relationships and helping each other out—I have stressed this as a life lesson and especially in the business world). Thank you for your time, talents and sharing with our children.”

~ Beth W., Parent, local high school student

Springfield Tech

“American youth need desperately to be inspired. They need positive role models to serve as compasses. D2C is a perfect such forum.”

~ Michael J. Suzor, M.A., M.Ed., Assistant to the President
Springfield Technical Community College

“It is both an educational and motivational presentation given by an outstanding professional panel and moderator. It will be an event all attendees will benefit from and one they will always remember.”

~ Elaine Villani, D2C Participant

“After graduating from college with a diploma, two internships and over 5+ years of working in my chosen field, the D2C tour was the most valuable information I have received—ever. All students/grads and young professionals must check this event out! Don’t miss out on this.”

~ Felicia Mancini, D2C Participant

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D2C Panel & St. John's University's Dorothy Moran
“The following quote comes close to capturing the depth and breadth of’ ‘Empowering Your Entrepreneurial Spirit:

‘…you are the masterpiece of your own life. You are the Michelangelo of your own life. The David that you are sculpting is you….’

~ Rhonda Byrne, The Secret

However; it was so much more than the words expressed above.

To have the unique opportunity to engage in dialogue with world-class business leaders who have reached the pinnacle of success in their respective industries—in real time—is an education most rarely receive. These captains of industry shared their respective journeys in a very personal and spiritually uplifting manner. I left the program percolating with ideas and felt a renewed sense of owning my power—owning my career path and my life. The ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ is not only about owning your own business, but it is also about taking ownership and responsibility for developing your product—you!! That is empowering! No matter where you are in your life, this program is transformative and it should be a required course for creating one’s career and one’s life!”

~ Dorothy P. Moran, Associate Director of Admissions
St. John’s University School of Law

“The program was an incredible gift and inspiration to those attending—and especially for students about to begin their careers. The panelists, all successful in diverse fields and themselves ‘diverse’—in age, field, and background, were able to connect to their audience by their willingness to share their stories and lessons learned. The stories engaged the students and provided concrete examples of how entrepreneurship, risk, hard work, leadership and social responsibility can direct them to ‘success’ that is not defined solely by accumulation of wealth, but also includes achieving career and personal goals and maintaining a strong commitment to family and community.”

~ Ettie Ward, J.D., Professor and
Director Master of Laws (LL.M.) Program
in International and Comparative Sports Law
St. John’s University

“I truly had an amazing experience at the D2C event last Monday. Although I have been blessed to observe many panels with fantastic speakers, I can honestly say that the quality and breadth of the panel I witnessed on the 22nd was probably one of the best, if not the best, I’ve ever seen. Each individual had something real and tangible to leave with the students and they all were genuinely interested in interacting with us before and after. This meant a lot to us as we got to experience, firsthand, how success does not always corrupt as some of the world’s adages claim.”

~ Patrick Diamitani, Student, St. John’s University

“As a seasoned corporate executive, I walked away feeling motivated and inspired. I can only imagine what the law and business students took away from the event. I can sincerely say that what D2C is doing for law and business students is fantastic. Of the several things I found lacking in my undergraduate education (and in academia as a whole) was access to real-life success stories. It’s one thing to read about it in the pages of Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, text books, etc., but when given the chance to actually hear and see an individual tell you about their failures and successes—that’s awe-inspiring. Formal education is great, but lessons learned and experiences garnered from the ‘school of hard knocks’ is invaluable.”

~Norman Vlahos, Director of Accounting & Controller,
Arizona Beverages USA LLC/Hornell Brewing Company, Inc.

“My name is Mina Salib, and I am senior at St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. I have been to many business and leadership forums but none quite like this one. The collection of successful and motivational leaders that were speaking to us on Monday, October 22nd, was truly extraordinary. The fact that we had the ability to get an inside scoop on what it means to be truly successful was priceless. What I mean by truly successful is not just measured by the amount of money these people accumulated, but also by the amount of time, money and care that they gave back to students like myself and the less fortunate. They all emphasized how important hard work is. One of the panelists, Michael P. Williams, said: ‘The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.’ The quote was actually jaw-dropping because of how creative and true it was. Angel Laws, another panelist, was quoted as saying, ‘Stick with your guns and know your perspective and keep it moving.’ This helped me keep all my goals in perspective and I appreciate her inspirational words. Finally, Ted Reid recited a verse at the end of the night which stated, ‘To whom much is given, much is required,’ and we are given so many opportunities and with all these blessings we must become great so we can give back just like all these leaders. Special thanks to the moderator and founder, Michael Q. Williams and his team, who made this all happen.”

~ Mina Salib, Student, St. John’s University

“The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Pathway to Empowerment event provided a tremendous learning opportunity for our students, alumni and faculty. The diverse group of panelists put together was extremely impressive and inspiring to our audience. Students and alumni had the opportunity to hear from true entrepreneurs across many industries about taking risks and reaching their dreams. It was a pleasure working with ‘Q’, Laura and team on this event and we hope to host another event together in the future!”

~ Leigh Onimus, J.D., Associate Dean
Undergraduate Assessment & External Relations
Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University

The D2C Team with Seton Hall Professor Michael Reuter“This year’s Integrity and Professionalism Convocation, moderated by Leadership Development Council Member M. Quentin Williams, was extraordinary. It helped students, faculty, visiting executives, and guests envision creative ways to apply an entrepreneurial mindset to any aspiration, any dream on their life’s journey. The audience was encouraged to take pride in their own products of character and reputation, while always seeking to create value in innovative ways. As panelist Peter Harvey observed, ‘Imagination always exceeds education.’ It was a magnificent learning and growth experience.”

~ Michael M. Reuter, MBA, Instructor
Department of Management

Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University

“Most people have a narrow definition of entrepreneurship, thinking of it simply as the process involved in starting a business. But entrepreneurship is so much broader – it is a way of thinking and being that enables today’s business professionals in all fields to climb to the highest pinnacles of success. Quentin Williams is a visionary who understands this concept. ‘The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Pathway to Empowerment’ event he and his team brought to Seton Hall University was extraordinary. The diverse group of panelists Mr. Williams assembled – all highly successful in their respective industries – brought home the point to our students that they must be self-starters who create their own opportunities, whether they work for a global corporation or, like Bill Gates, set up a business in their garage.”

~ Susan Scherreik, MBA, Instructor, Department of Management
Founding Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies
Stillman School of Business, Seton Hall University


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