Dedication  to  Community

Founded in 2012 by legal expert, entrepreneur, and community advocate M. Quentin Williams, Dedication to Community (D2C) is a nonprofit organization  dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to achieve their business and societal goals through the spirit of entrepreneurial enterprise and community advocacy. D2C, in partnership with and under the fiscal sponsorship of the Cherokee Gives Back Foundation, seeks to educate, enlighten and empower individuals and communities by offering practical and strategic approaches to the challenges and opportunities of today’s rapidly emerging global society. This accomplished with D2C’s Choose2Live and Choose2Thrive initiatives.

M. Quentin B. L. Williams

“I have a great appreciation for my life’s journey. Growing up in very challenging circumstances taught me the value of hard work, mentorship, strong relationships‎ and empowerment. And as an adult, I’ve been provided with the opportunity to pay it forward with D2C. This great organization is my passion and the legacy that my family intends to leave for future generations.”

~ M. Quentin B. L. Williams, Esq.
    Founder & Chairman


Dedication to Community seeks to educate, enlighten and empower communities to achieve their business and societal goals.

A Community Advocacy Initiative
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Dedication to Community